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"On the Soul" Conference 2016

Dear colleagues,

THE ASSOCIATION OF COMPARATIVE LITERATURE OF MACEDONIA ZKKM, THE ASSOCIATION OF CLASSICAL PHILOLOGISTS “ANTIKA”, and THE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY OF MACEDONIA are happy to invite you to participate in our conference "On the soul". Please find the invitation as well as the application form attached below.


Application Form

With kind regards,

The Conference committee

The XXXIX State Competition in Latin and Ancient Greek

The XXXIX State Completion in Latin and Ancient Greek for high-school students from the Republic of Macedonia will take place from 10:30 am on 15 May 2010 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. The competition is organized by the society Antika and the Institute of Classical Studies.

Annual Assembly of the Society ‘Antika’

The regular annual assembly of the society ‘Antika’ will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy on 15 May 2010 from 11.00 am.

Scholarly workshop Odysseys (mythical, artistic, translational)

On June 1 2009, a Scholarly Workshop Odysseys (mythical, artistic, translational) took place, organized by the ‘Antika’ Society of Classical Philologists, the Society for Comparative Literature of Macedonia, the Institute of Classical Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Department of General and Comparative Literature at the ‘Blaze Koneski’ Faculty of Philology.


Annual Conference of Euroclassica and International Symposium AETERNITAS ANTIQUITATIS

The Society of Classical Philologists Antika – Skopje, in collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Ss. Cyril And Methodius in Skopje and the Euroclassica European Association оf Teachers оf Classical Languages organized an international scholarly symposium entitled AETERNITAS ANTIQUITATIS (The Eternity of Antiquity) and the Annual Conference of Euroclassica. These events took place in Skopje and Ohrid on 27–30 August 2009. The Proceedings of the International Symposium will be published in the near future.



List of participants


‘Classical Culture in European Civilization’ as a subject in elementary education

For the first time this school year, 2009/2010, fifth grade students are able to choose the subject ‘Classical Culture in the European Civilization’. From 9–11 December 2010 a workshop for teachers of this subject was organized by the Bureau for the Development of Education. Although there is still a lack of sufficient and appropriate information available, a large number of students have chosen the subject in the first term. Teachers will be able to use the textbooks written by Professor Vesna Dimovska and Prof. Vesna Tomovska.

International Festival of Latin and Greek (IFLG)
Festival Européen Latin et Grec (FELG)

The 6th European Festival of Latin and Greek, entitled ‘Writers, Artists, Musicians: Our Classic Heritage’, will take place in Luxembourg between 28–30 May 2010. The European Association оf Teachers оf Classical Languages, Euroclassica, is a partner in this festival. Those who are interested in attending the Festival can obtain detailed information about registration, accommodation and travel costs on the Festival site: www.festival-latin-grec.eu/?lg=en.

CIRCE - A Classics & ICT Resource Course for Europe: July 4–11 2010 in Aquileia

The fifth CIRCE course in exploiting the use of ICT resources in the teaching of classical languages is being held between 4–11 July 2010 in Aquileia, Italy. This year, grants covering travel expenses and stay are also available for teachers from Macedonia. For more information, please check the flier for the course: www.circe.be/courses/aquileia2010/circe%20course%20Aquileia.pdf.

Academia Homerica

XIII Academia Homerica will take place from 9-18 july 2010 in Athens and on the island of Chios. The deadline for application is 10-th of May 2010.

Programme and information for application

Systasis, the electronic journal of the association ‘Antika’

The latest issues of Systasis, 14 and 15, are now available online with a new design and new conception. Authors are kindly reminded that the deadline for contributions to Systasis 16 is May 15.

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